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Bringing a Fresh Sound and an Enduring Message of Hope

Meet Zane and Donna King...


With multiple TOP 10 songs across numerous national charts and a SINGING NEWS TOP 5 FAN AWARD nomination, this StowTown Records’ duo has captured the hearts of audiences around the US and abroad. 


Their style of music has been described as taking a drive in the country with a city girl in the passenger seat.


From Hymns, to up tempo Southern Gospel, to acoustic Worship, their style appeals to every age range. But, more importantly, their message REACHES the hearts of those longing to know the love of the wonderful GOD they serve.


The journey this dynamic duo has traveled hasn’t been without twists and turns, but, they wouldn't trade a mile of it. They know that God, in His grace, brought them to where they are today…together.


Whether it’s a worship service, a concert, or a more intimate setting where they share their songs and stories of HOPE as parents who’ve walked the journey of addiction and recovery with their children, you’ll find their ministry relatable and sincere.


Their sophomore recording, Beautiful Ever After, is a strong follow-up to their first album, Mile Marker One. Both have garnered multiple hit singles. Donna has also earned a reputation as the “Christmas singer.” Her Christmas album, Song of Noel, has earned tremendous acclaim and airplay Nationwide.


A brand new album with Zane and Donna is slated for Spring of 2024 on StowTown Records.


In addition to their own music, both have written many top songs for other artists (ie. “Keep Me In Your Will,” “In Jesus’ Name,” “Faithful Again,” ”Help Me Get Down On My Knees,” and many more). Add to that they’ve both worked in full-time Christian music for 25 years plus, having collectively produced over 500 albums and counting. 


When you experience the music and ministry of Zane and Donna, you'll celebrate with them, that GOD is GOOD, HE changes lives, and we can have JOY in the journey as long as we follow and trust in the One who leads.

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